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stillwaitingonpeterpan: Hi Jozette. This is another one for Sam. I notice you as well on the dash back and forth with Jozette. I'm not at all as good with words as Jozette is, but thanks to her I've gone over a year now without any form of SI. I've been to the point of wanting to end it multiple times, and I can't say it all gets better, but some things do. And those are the things that it's worth hanging on for. I continue to fight my feelings on and off, and I'd like to continue doing so with you as well because I
know you are worth it. We’re all here for you and care about you. And it may not be easy but you’ve gotta fight this thing love. You deserve to fight it.
Thank you for this, and I can assure you after speaking with you for almost four years, you are certainly good with words. You’re a very good person, and you taking the time out to talk to her means not only a lot to me, but I know it must mean a lot to her.
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Shoutout to my followers for being the most supportive, positive, and amazing bunch of people. You’re all fucking incredible and I wish nothing but the best for you.

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Anonymous: Dear Sam, I follow Jozette and have noticed your occasional correspondence with her. While I have never interacted with you I have to say that you've become a quiet presence in my life. I know you're having a tough time. I have been too. There are times where i've seen you and jozette talking on my dash and i feel a sense of camaraderie with you. If I can be impacted by you, then I can't fathom how extensive your presence reaches.
I can’t say I understand your pain. Everyone’s pain is different. There have been times where I’ve wanted to end it. When I look back at that I recognize how serious I was. It can get to the point where ‘what other people will feel’ doesn’t matter because you just want it to stop. But I can’t stress enough: of course, you’ll break people to pieces. but the most devastating part is that you cut off all potential branches of your entire existence. The millions of AMAZING things that that haven’t  yet. Your telling your kid self that they don’t get that. I know it’s hard to see any way out right now. But I assure you that you can do this. Take control of anything you have at your disposal to pull yourself up. You absolutely owe it to yourself (more than others, I would argue) to fight past this. I would also argue that there are a lot of other dormant people who follow jozette/who know you in real life who want to see you fight through this too.
Thank you so so so much for reaching out to her, I’m so glad that you care this much. It just shows her that she is so much more than she realizes. You honestly have my respect and my gratitude for trying to be a positive force in this girls life. 
Sam, we care. I know my followers are good people, and here is an example of one. We care, and we want you to fight through this. <3
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